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Battery Chargers & Starters

  • Digital battery charger and starter with electronic control of the charging current, automatic interruption and restart (PULSE-TRONIC) for charging all types of maintenance free, sealed batteries (GEL/AGM/START-STOP), free electrolyte batteries (WET) with 12/24V voltages.

  • 1 PH 230V 12-24V

  • Quick starts cars, vans and light trucks.

  • Features: 

  1. Microprocessor control 

  2. Display to check charging current, voltage and battery charging level 

  3. Choice of TEST, CHARGE, TRONIC mode 

  4. CHARGE function:constant current charge as set on the front panel - choice of output voltage, type of charge, charging mode 

  5. Protection against overloads and polarity reversal.

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