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Company & History

Beever Company Incorporated is Liberia's roads, forests, houses, electricity, water, factories, schools, hospitals and almost all of Liberia itself. What this actually means, is that Beever Company has had part in the construction and development of Liberia for over 50 years for a simple reason... BEEVER GOT ALL THAT IT TAKES.

From tiny screws and nails to huge forklifts and power generators, the company provides and supplies all materials and equipment you would need in order to construct, build, and maintain. As they say, "Leave it to Beever".

Ever since its establishment in 1963, Beever has been operating with its main focus on quality assurance and customer satisfaction. With more than 5 ready-to-serve warehouses within the capital Monrovia, Beever has been always capable of supplying and delivering on time.

The company’s main clientele consists of resellers, NGOs, governmental entities, end users, as well as privately owned companies that operate in various business sectors. It is with no doubt that Beever offers its customers the finest solution to their needs while maintaining best competitive prices in the market.

In addition to that, the maintenance team along with the large stock of spare parts at hand, allows for fast technical assistance and after-sale services in due time.

For more than 50 years of ongoing operations and expertise in the west African market, Beever became one of the most reliable and recommended suppliers of its kind in Liberia.

Core Values

Customer Delight






Service Excellence




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