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Erato 68

Turbine Oil

  • Drum (205 Liters)

  • Pail (20 Liters)

  • Gallon (5 Liters)

  • Gallon (4 Liters)

  • Quart (1 Liter)




These turbine oils are developed for lubricating oil circulation systems of the most modern steam- and gas-turbine installations, in which often high oil temperatures occur. Also suitable for the lubrication of hydraulic systems, compressors, gears and bearings, where contamination of lubricating oil with water is a problem.


An universal mineral turbine oil, based on special selected and refined base oils. Besides the usual additives, ‘metal deactivators’ are added to these base oils, in order to obtain the following characteristics:

  • Very good oxidation stability, also at very high temperatures

  • Good corrosion protection (ferro- and non- ferro metals)

  • Very good water separation

  • Good anti-foam properties

  • High viscosity index

Performance Level
  • ISO 8068 AR and B

  • ISO6743/0T


  • DIN51515part1typeL-TD

  • MANN696

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