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Hand Cleaner

For quick removal of Grease, Tar and Oil

  • Jar (4.5 Liters)


Mining, Commercial Transport, Motorcycle, Passenger Car, Agriculture, Marine, Racing, Industrial


Rymax Hand Cleaner is a Solvent-free cleaner which is one of the most effective in removing industrial soiling. Rapidly emulsifies with all types of soiling to ensure effective cleaning. Due to the Aloe Vera Extracts and Jojoba Oil, this Hand Cleaner cleans and moisturizes the hands and prevents skin irritation. Formulated with pleasant fresh orange fragrance.


Apply a small amount of Hand Cleaner to the palm of dry hands. Scrub softly until the dirt is letting loose. Rinse your hands with warm or cold water and repeat if necessary. Keep package well closed, and store under cool but frost-free temperatures.

Performance Level
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