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Gevitro TO-4 SAE 50

Transmission Fluid

  • Drum (205 Liters)

  • Pail (20 Liters)

  • Gallon (5 Liters)

  • Gallon (4 Liters)

  • Quart (1 Liter)


Agriculture, Mining


Gevitro TO-4 is a high-performance drive line oil, designed for pow- ershift transmissions, final drives and wet brakes for highly demand- ing off-road equipment such as earthmoving, mine logging, road transport and agricultural applications. Gevitro TO-4 is made of top quality base oils and performance additives designed to fulfil the performance requirements of Caterpillar TO-4, ZF Torque converter transmissions, Komatsu powershift transmissions and Allison C-4 Automatic Transmissions.

  • Improved oxidative and thermal stability, to give extra protection of metal surfaces against scuffing and wear.

  • Excellent friction properties to avoid slippage of clutches and ensure smoother operation of transmissions and brakes.

  • Good protection against rust and corrosion for precision equipment operating in wet environment.

  • Excellent compatibility with all common seal, O-rings, clutch and packing materials to avoid leakages and downtime.

Performance Level

  • API CF/CF-2

  • ZF TE-ML 03C

  • Komatsu KES 07.868.1

  • Allison C4

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