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Dione BS Ready to Use

Anti-Freeze and Engine Coolant

  • Drum (205 Liters)

  • Pail (20 Liters)

  • Gallon (5 Liters)

  • Gallon (4 Liters)

  • Quart (1 Liter)


Mining, Commercial Transport, Passenger Car, Agriculture, Racing


Dione BS Ready to Use is a high performance engine coolant, which exceeds the requirements of British Standard BS 6580 as well as AFNOR.

The product has been designed for all year round use to provide ‘three way protection’ against freezing, overheating and corrosion and is suitable for use in both petrol and diesel engines.


Dione BS Ready to Use is a mono ethylene glycol based product which has been specifically formulated to be truly universal in its application, providing a high degree of corrosion protection for all engine cooling systems whether they be predominantly of aluminum or ferrous construction. This coolant is already pre-mixed with water and is ready to use, providing a permanent and guaranteed protection against freezing.

Performance Level
  • BS6580

  • ASTM D3306/ D4985

  • AFNOR NF R15 601

  • SAE J 1034

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