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Sensor LED Light Premium City LH 562405 PIR IP 44

Anthracite, with PIR sensor

  • Easy to mount thanks to the power connection provided on the mounting bracket. Simply insert the light or spotlight into the bracket after mounting.

  • Solid and modern aluminium casing.

  • Lamp can be rotated and vertically swiveled and locked.

  • 80 bright LG high performance LEDs.

  • 56 LEDs facing downward and 24 LEDs facing upward.

  • Warmth, ambient light colour.

  • PIR sensor vertically pivoting.

  • Range of detection: up to 10 metres, angle approx. 180°.

  • Duty cycle adjustable between 10 sec. and 4 min.

  • Continuous light function can be activated if a wall light switch is available.

  • This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps.

  • Light unit not replaceable.

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