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Premium-Line 4-way extension lead

Extension socket 4-way black 1,8m 05VV-F 3G1,25 with switch *GB*


Premium-Line 4-way Brennenstuhl extension cord in black and 1.8m cable impresses with its quality and safety in all areas. Its stylish, stable casing consists of highly break-proof, polished polycarbonate. It's not just child-proof, but has the following properties too:

  • Light indicating surge voltage is active

  • Illuminated 2-pole switch

  • Suppresses visual and acoustic interference in TV sets, video recorders and audio systems

  • Prevents interference to connected equipment

  • Protects sensitive electronics from high frequency interference voltages

  • With replaceable 10 A fuse

  • Three-core arrangement protects phase, neutral and earth leads

  • Cable: 05VV-F 3G1,25

  • Nominal current: 13 A

  • Plug: 240V, BS 1363

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