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Multifunction Detector WMV Plus

  • For locating metal, voltage-carrying cables (AC voltage) and wooden beams, e.g. in walls.

  • 3 functions on one appliances, functions can be individually applied.

  • Accurate display of the measurement result on a large LCD display (numerical and by bar charts) as well as acoustically.

  • Automatic sensivity control.

  • Automatic switch-off after end of the measurement.

  • Battery low voltage display.

  • Battery compartment for 9 V block (delivered without battery).

  • User friendly through the operating button on the side and front. Ergonomic design.

  • Maximum detection: wood up to 40 mm, AC voltage approx. 30 - 50 mm, metal approx. 50 - 80 mm.

  • In blister packaging.

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