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Moisture Detector MD

  • To determine the moisture content of wood or building material, such as, e.g. concrete, brick, screed, plasterboard, wallpaper, etc.

  • Measurement range of 5 - 50 % for wood, or 1.5 - 33 % for building material.

  • Display on a large LCD display (in percent, resolution 0.1 %) as well as acoustically (can be deactivated).

  • Practical "hold" function also makes measurement possible at locations difficult to access.

  • Automatic switch-off approx. 3 mins, after last application.

  • Battery low voltage display.

  • Robust, ergonomic housing with separate compartment for 9 V monobloc battery (not included).

  • With protective cap.

  • In colourful display-packaging.

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