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Endurox LD SAE 15W/40

Mineral Truck Engine Oil

  • Drum (205 Liters)

  • Pail (20 Liters)

  • Gallon (5 Liters)

  • Gallon (4 Liters)

  • Quart (1 Liter)


Commercial Transport, Agriculture, Mining


A robust engine oil, developed according to the latest oil consumption- and exhaust emission norms. It meets all American Petroleum Institute API CI-4 requirements for Heavy-Duty engine lubricants. It also meets a wide range of OEM specifications. Our Endurox LD range comes with 2 mineral blends and one semi synthtic blend; SAE 10W/40. The base oils used for this semi synthetic blend offers better performance and a longer drain interval.

These are the heavy duty engine oils that have it all. Performance that goes beyond CI-4/SL Worldwide OEM approvals. Mack’s tough new EO-M Premium Plus, Cummins 20078, Volvo VDS-3, and more.

So no matter what kind of fleet you operate, these outstanding engine oils give you the proven protection you need to keep running smoothly.


Endurox LD fulfills the latest strict norms concerning deposits on the piston crown, the upper piston-ring grove and the rest of the pistons. It ensures both the engine and oil to stay in good condition due to the detergent dopes and the excellent oxidation inhibitors. Wear is limited to a minimum, even under the most severe circumstances.

Performance Level
  • API CI-4/CH-4/SL

  • ACEA E7, A3/B4

  • MB 228.3/228.1, 229.1

  • Volvo VDS-3

  • MAN 3275

  • MTU Type 2

  • Cummins CES 20071/2/6/7/8

  • Mack EO/M Plus, EO/N Premium plus • Caterpillar ECF-2/ECF 1a

  • Global DHD-1

  • JASO DH-1

  • Allison C4

  • Renault RLD-2/ RLD

  • Deutz DQC III-10

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